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Founder-Gastroparesis Patient

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is about teaching others around the world the gift of Laughter when facing Pain & Adversity~
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"There is nothing more gratifying in life than knowing you will leave a legacy behind when Heaven calls helping millions of other Gastroparesis patients on their own personal journey."

Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign/Founder-Kimberly

Me & My Beloved Crystalblue
2004-Gastroparesis Diagnosis

"If you learn from your suffering, and really come to
understand the lesson you were taught,
you might be able to help someone else
who's now in the phase you may have just completed.
Maybe that's what it's all about after all..."

Me & Sockies The Rescue Kitty
19 Years...GP Warrior

"You're like a breath of fresh air! And there's nothing more gratifying in this world than being of service to others...bless you!"
-Stephanie Gavin


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"If they say in tough times you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders then I must have carried for years the universe on top of mine."

The Official Ohio Proclamation-October 2011
Ohio GP Patient State Advocate-Kimberly


Jason Lively, Crew & Kimberly
Lending a hand with the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign Organization


Kimberly & Michael Gross
Working to make a difference in the lives of Gastroparesis Patients


I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Gastroparesis 19 years ago although I had displayed symptoms many years prior to the official diagnosis. My Gastroparesis was found after completing a Gastric Emptying study-GES which showed my stomach was emptying food at a rate of less than 2 percent. I then had exploratory surgery with my gallbladder removed in hopes of helping aid digestion as well to check for any other problems with my GI organs. Unfortunately it did not stop the progression and long term complications with my Idiopathic Gastroparesis and severe central nervous system damage.
I was approached in October 2004 by "44 Blue Productions" on doing a show for A&E in Las Vegas about Gastroparesis and how the condition plays a part in my every day life.  I met some truly genuine and caring people during my time out in Las Vegas as well a wonderful and very supportive production crew. In early 2005 the show was picked up as a pilot and aired on the west coast.
In October 2005, I started the 'Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign Organization' working with other Gastroparesis patients, family members, loved ones, medical professionals, bio-tech companies and International government to help shed light on much needed medical research and public Gastroparesis awareness. I refuse to allow anyone with Gastroparesis to suffer alone or in silence. Its extremely important that all GP patients have a voice.
As of July 1, 2015: The Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign has reached out to over 8 million strong by raising national attention to this rare GI disorder and providing Gastroparesis awareness programs all around the world.
The very first and original Gastroparesis Awareness ribbon was designed by myself and released in 2005 and continues to help spread miles of GP Awareness in the great USA and aboard. 'The Celebrity Ribbon Run' was created in 2006 as a way for celebrities to show their support for Gastroparesis and the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign Organization.
I have worked over the past decade with local and out of state government by providing national awareness programs and events for Gastroparesis. My long-term goal is to reach out to all 50 states by providing Gastroparesis Awareness to all state citizens, health care professionals and local government.
**Get ready to help spread Gastroparesis Awareness for our 12th annual UNITED GP WALK-OCTOBER 2023 event helping to raise Gastroparesis Awareness one person at a time**

A&E/Production Crew, Directors in Las Vegas
'Truly a pleasure working with everyone, thank you!'

My plan of action since being diagnosed with Gastroparesis has alot to do with self medicating with exercise and completely changing my diet.  I tend to consume more liquids than solids which is easier on the gi tract. I was never able to find any relief with medications due to the side effects that only make my Gastroparesis worse. The added risks always outweighed the benefits. Since my diet is so limited due to my Gastroparesis, I use either my 'Jack LaLanne' juicer or 'Nutribullet' to help liquefy fruits and vegetables and alternate between various protein powder supplements in order to help provide my body all the necessary nutrients. I exercise during my good days by using a home treadmill, resistance machine and an abdominal belt called,  'Slendertone'  which has recently been FDA approved. By trial and error I  have continued to successfully find foods that work best for me. I consume various types of sports drinks, Crystal Light products, Vita-water and Smart water mixed with Pedialyte to help stay hydrated during my GP related weekly treatments.  I take a daily liquid multivitamin or chew gummy vitamins to help replace nutrients that my body lacks by not eating a variety of foods. 
9/13/2005- I had another EGD procedure this time with balloon dilation, stomach biopsy to help with esophagus constriction  (Diffuse Esophagus) due to acid reflux and my Gastroparesis. Doctors are not sure if the esophagus will stay open or if the procedure will need repeated within the year. The constriction is very common with Gastroparesis patients due to stomach acid and food that has not digested however 'Diffuse Esophagus' will not worsen but tends to become a permanent condition.
12/1/2005- Final meeting with my doctors. We have exhausted all possible tests over the past 19 months and still nothing to show the origin of why my stomach stopped working. My doctors tend to agree medication at this point unfortunately that is not designed for Gastroparesis will only add unwanted side effects so the goal is to continue with the alternate treatment at home. I continue to have hope that one day FDA will find a medication to help all patients struggling with Gastroparesis.
1/7/2006- Alternate treatment  (exercise, heat therapy, liquid diet) continues to remain successful and I am finally making my way back to a somewhat normal life.
3/10/2006- Testing will continue for current problems with slow motility of  the GI tract. Specialists are now sure this is related to my Gastroparesis. Further testing on the pancreas will be observed as well liver levels because of possible food backing up.
6/4/2006- My Gastroparesis is now leading to other digestive problems and in general slowing the entire digestive process. I am starting to get burned out of daily exercise to keep the food going so trying to find some outdoor activities. I am continuing to have problems with dehydration (electrolytes).
7/6/2006- After visiting the hospital over the weekend I was told by my doctors that my colon function (motility) is not working so I am going back to my GI Specialists to discuss the options that might allow me to continue living a better or somewhat more normal life. It could take 2-4 weeks to clear the colon completely out so liquids are now a normal part of my daily diet and form of nutrition. Not sure of my future but anything is possible with strong support, hope and prayers.
7/7/2006- News from the docs not good and coming to terms that the colon has little to no motility, at this point they are not sure what to do next. I am trying to stay mentally grounded as well keeping my mind occupied with work.
7/15/2006- The colon is finally but slowly clearing out day by day. I have learned a tough lesson over the past 2 years as well what true friends in life really mean and if they will stick by your side through the best and worst of times. I will move on with my life the best I can and accept what I have before me with God's help and I will be ok. Whether you like it or not life is certainly full of changes, you may not like it but it is what it is....................
7/21/2006- Working with doctors in August on limited upcoming tests to find out the plan of action now for the loss of my colon motility.
8/5/2006- Polyp, abnormal tissue growth located in colon were both completely removed this week. Gaining my strength back from 4 week strict liquid diet. I will be continuing with liquids until pathology comes back in a week with lab results from biopsy. Doctors still not sure on plan of action on motility function of the colon.
08/21/2006- All of my doctors/specialists have been truly wonderful these past 2 years, all additional treatment options have been exhausted however I am grateful for their honestly and never giving up on me. I will be seeing another GI group of 4 specialists late August in hopes of any other potential treatments or insight they can offer the other physicians to help with the loss of motility with my stomach and colon due to the Gastroparesis. I have slowly learned to fully accept my illness and each day living life to the fullest. One must never give up on hope however you must face the road that leads ahead sometimes to the unknown. There 'is' always a light at the end of the tunnel.
09/23/2006- Now working on round #3 of testing. There is a possible Gastric Pacemaker testing later this fall at a research hospital that they might be able to get me into as well finding a Gastric Motility clinic/research hospital to help find a way to make life more tolerable with my Gastroparesis.
10/15/2006- Recovering from medical procedures and stomach/small intestine biopsy. Will be moving forward with hospital Dietitian and Nutritionist mid November as well testing for potential Gastric Pacemaker and colon motility. 
11/6/2006- Trying to maintain my weight and stay hydrated as well out of the hospitals. Amitiza- A new medication on the market for the colon did not work seeing I had a very bad reaction so back to square one.
11/15/2006- Long meeting today working with a team of registered Dietitians at the hospital to get back on my feet. My weight is at an all time low of 112 pounds and my body is starting to use muscle for fuel-not good. I might have hit rock bottom but I will continue to fight to get back up that hill and get better! Trying some alternate treatments for the next 6 weeks if that does not work I am seriously thinking of using "Nocturnal Jejunum feedings" to get my weight back up.
12/09/2006- So far gained 2 pounds, up to 114 with the new diet plan. Still trying alternate foods and vita-waters/protein drinks however I am finally having more good days than bad days. Now the real test-Holiday foods, heehee. Next visit with Dietitians in 2 weeks. Indeed life is good!   :)
1/01/2007- A New Year 2007 and another chance to make a fresh start. Opting to not seek continued help from Dietitians. The new diet was not working so reaching from strength deep within to continue the fight! Sure I have my bad days, we are all human but I will never give up the fight....
2/01/2007- Continued monitoring on my pancreas levels with new diet. Still in question for ERCP procedure due to possible Gastroparesis complications with biliary ducts, I prefer not to have it so undecided at this moment.
2/20/2007- Having great success in therapy helping to deal with my Gastroparesis as well coming to terms with the other parts of my life that it affects on a daily basis.
3/10/2007- Giving massage therapy a try to help with the bowel, stomach pain and relax the muscles from spasms. Thank goodness weight is holding steady around 113, WHEW!!
3/29/2007- What a wonderful Gastroparesis focus group meeting tonight and I just want to say you are all in my prayers. It truly was one amazing experience to finally meet face to face with other Gastroparesis patients like myself.
4/26/2007- Trying to find something to keep my intestines going-Miralax is making me dehydrated and causing fluids to retain in my bowels. I can't handle much more liquid Drano-Golytley surgical bowel prep-similar to having colonoscopy prep once a week. The specialists/surgeons can not seem to come to an agreement on surgery to help maybe eliminate some of this pain and pressure so I might have to consult with another group of doctors. The fun never ends right? NOT!
5/14/2007- Dr. Wells has been amazing and I thank him for being my shoulder to lean during the most difficult times. I think my acceptance living with Gastroparesis has come to full circle now however I refuse and will never accept not having 100 percent of my normal life back. This gal will always keep her boxing gloves on. You know, Life IS worth fighting!
8/8/2007- Working with specialists on upcoming extensive blood and genetic testing to see if I could possibly have any underlying conditions such as Lupus, etc that could play a part in my Gastroparesis. Gut kicks that maybe I might have answers, one can only hope right?
8/25/2007- Met with a wonderful Hematology group and amazing doctors. Went through my first round of extensive blood work and second round next week. I told my doctor this is it, I will not be seeing anymore specialists nor more testing, enough is enough already right, gees! Putting my faith in the good Lord and hope that maybe they can after 3 years 6 months connect the dots. Time will tell.
9/8/2007- All Hematology tests came back Thursday and seems the only direction is pointed back to severe Gastroparesis which has my body all out of sync and causing alot of organs to just not function properly. There are no more specialists left for me to see nor nothing at this point anyone can do. After 3 years 6 months it is now shifted to acceptance. My true strength and character is now going to be tested so time for a new life and whatever my future may hold in front of me.
10/8/2007- Keeping the faith and staying mentally strong for upcoming surgery November 2nd. Please keep the surgeons/doctors in your prayers for hope and strength during this difficult procedure.
11/1/2007- READY FOR SURGERY!  :)
11/10/2007- What a birthday gift of continued recovery physically & mentally from one 'Hellish Nightmare' surgery of twisted bowels, severe dense adhesion's pulling down from my stomach, cleaning up strangled and gutted reproductive organs, freeing up my bladder, etc.  It was alot more than ever expected from my surgeons who told me and my family they literally sweat the entire surgery with one refusing to ever go back in surgically. GP still present and 50/50 chance my colon function will return back to normal. Of course this surgery is only a temporary fix seeing the severe dense adhesion's will grow back in time, they are just not sure when. I am trying to find some hope.
12/17/2007- Officially released as of this week from all Surgeons, Specialists, Doctors only to schedule yearly follow up appointments, scopes and biopsies. There is nothing else left that medical technology has to offer and I have exhausted these past 3 years 10 months all testing available to my doctors. Surgery was not a success for the motility of my GI organs due to Gastroparesis. They were able to take down alot of scar tissue/adhesion's and untangle one heck of a mess but found through testing it is not responsible for my Gastroparesis. I would have not done anything any different through these years and at the end of the day I can say you know-'I fought this battle with everything I have, not giving up, nor giving in but pushing with my doctors to find answers.' My life now is in the hands of future medical technology- Gastroparesis medications and a possible cure. I have a new pair of boxing gloves, ready to keep up the fight! I sure have learned alot along the way and hoping I can help many other fellow Gastroparesis patients through their life journey. Fighting is worth it! Life is worth it & YOU are worth fighting for!  
1/17/2008- 'As a GP survivor, I am well aware of just how debilitating Gastroparesis can become. When I can offer someone else hope, I go to bed with a fulfilled life.'
2/8/2008- What can I say on my 4 year GP Anniversary date but here I am and will keep on fighting! Looks like the boxing gloves will stay laced up!
3/24/2008- Having seizures. Valium helps with them while Neurology looks into possible link of the seizures due to Gastroparesis.
3/27/2008- Vagus Nerve/Gastroparesis connection-Are we onto something? Continuing Valium therapy and so far in past 4 days only had one seizure.
3/28/2008- Life may not always be a bed of roses. Think with your brain, then your heart. When you do good onto others, good will come back to you.
4/3/2008- The day that life forever changed and time stood still. My CrystalBlue passed soundly away in her sleep on my bed with her head on my pillow. This night I allowed her early sleep instead of GP office time with me which I never let happen, this night she wasn't by my side, did she not want to me to see because of the pain it would have caused me? I know she is still here in spirit  by my side waiting for me to follow her through the gates of heaven. She was my everything and indeed my heart is broken and shattered in a million pieces. 
4/8/2008-Neurology tests came back and had meeting to go over everything and long term care plan. I am waiting to meet with my doctors tomorrow as well Cardiology group next week. To regenerate nerves would be impossible. Time to do alot of soul searching and blessed to have my CrystalBlue home as of this afternoon. I made a special bed with her white blanket and beautiful crystal blue urn and her favorite toys in it. I find peace and comfort in knowing she is now with me again and waiting to be once again by my side.
4/9/2008-Appointment with doctors tomorrow to discuss seizure relation to my Gastroparesis. All medications available on the market Neurologists fear will only create other GI organ problems. They gave me medication to take home earlier this week but the risks do highly outweigh the benefits.
4/11/2008-With the seizures it has been decided after alot of soul searching and wonderful compassionate and understand specialists the time has come to retire early after 20 years of working and go on permanent disability. The 'They don't ask and I don't tell policy' with the company came full circle and I think corporate was more than a bit surprised with the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign organization and my life behind the scenes. I am at peace with the decision and indeed time to give my body a break. In life one door may close but another one is always waiting to open.
5/12/2008-Time sure is flying by this month. It's amazing but nothing is sometimes the absolute hardest thing to do. Making the decision to leave the corporate world and give my full time and attention to the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign organization I started 3 years ago sure was the best decision of my life. Helping others around the world is truly priceless!
6/24/2008-Summer and taking time to relax but pushing forward on the Gastroparesis Mission! I have come to realize sad but true that in life sometimes society can be awfully quick to judge the book by its cover. If they don't walk in your shoes never expect others to fully understand a 'unique' life with a disability. We are human but just living life a bit differently with a creative touch, compassion and a whole lot of heart!
7/9/2008-Taking care of a pup is well a HECK of alot harder than 11 years ago before I was sick, what an awakening indeed it has been the past few weeks. Takes more than myself to care for the little one but she sure does reminds me of my little CrystalBlue. Animals give abundance of unconditional love and can be great therapy for the soul  :)
7/19/2008-More tests, more tests, more tests, so many doctors come up with different theories on how I got Gastroparesis and well seems no one 'really' knows the mystery question of why?.. During this next month of some very HOT temperatures I am doing my best to increase fluids so I can stay hydrated and out of the hospitals. Trying to stay in remission with my flair ups and keeping busy sure helps the mind!
8/26/2008-Lower left mass found during a routine ultrasound. The surgeons are not sure what the mass is, first thinking it was bowel wrapped together with adhesion's but since they ordered a cat scan it now shows a mass not a bowel adhesion problem however the mass is stuck deep between the intestines so it is going to be very hard to even get to the location surgically.
9/26/2008-Exam and follow up surgical consult to get my surgery date October 8th. I can't wait to have the mass taken out, makes me a bit uneasy knowing it is there and I can't wait to finally get some normal sleep. There comes a time when you must get that 'Game-Face' back on, I am ready!
10/9/2008-I am physically exhausted, mind is strong but my body is tired. I am not sleeping very well either which only makes me more drained. Surgeon consult today went far from expectation, they all feel I could not go through another surgery right now, they are now going to keep monitoring me on a monthly basis, so more repeat testing. I am just tired of being tired, sounds funny doesn't it? Yes, one can still keep a sense of humor, you have to in life. I am B L A N K.....
10/24/2008-This week was final testing. Seems next game plan to remove part of the colon they feel is far too risky and I would not make it through another surgery nor the recovery process. After a split second decision I agreed. There is still much, much more Gastroparesis awareness to raise, many others to reach out and help to inspire to keep the good fight! I also have alot more time to annoy everyone, heeheehee! I left my surgeons office shaking his hand with a smile. I won't be seeing my surgeons for another 6 months. I must be proud for my GREAT fight I have given over the past 4 years, I continue to find peace within. Indeed learning to appreciate far more now the little things in life, the things that make you smile  :)
11/10/2008-WHEWWWWWHOA! I made it, another year, another day and now I am 37, where did the time go? Birthday cake for everyone! 
12/3/2008-Time for my records to move to Oncology? My current surgeons now realize even maybe things are too complex for them to handle, I have to be ok with their honesty and I am. Hoping to get into the new pain mgr doctor within the next few weeks, solid sleep would be a blessing about right now minus pain waking me up. Continuing to take things one day at a time and sometimes even one hour at a time but you can't hold a good gal down, got those boxing gloves laced tight!
12/12/2008-Surgery date was set yesterday for December 31st, the surgeons are not sure if there is much that can be done. My Gastroparesis and related bowel motility issues will be a lifetime problem, they feel it is best not to remove any of the colon or intestines at this point.
12/16/2008-Surgery postponed. Can we say my patiences are running thin? I am ready for a one way ticket to Hawaii, celebrate Christmas with a book in one hand and a margarita in another.
12/21/2008-Surgery now rescheduled for February 2nd. Thank goodness!
1/14/2009-After meeting with all my specialists, heading back to main surgeon January 20th for final review, going over all risks and benefits of upcoming surgery.
1/28/2009-Recovering from Meningitis, will be 4-6 weeks, surgery has been postponed until March and upon being released from Neurology. I thought Gastroparesis flair ups were bad! I think I have just found another Monster-Meningitis!
2/10/2009-After follow up with Neurology this week and talking to my main surgeons office, surgery will be postponed for quite sometime. The post Meningitis part of balance and hearing issues still have yet to resolve. They can't give me a time, could be days, weeks or months, so I need extra patiences. I can't wait to drive and get the heck out of the house, this is crazy! I feel jailed in my own home, LOLOL! that did sound FUNNYYYY! You know me, never one to stay seated too long, I like to go, go, go! I am however finding much success behind the scenes with new Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign Organization projects so working full time at home while my body heals is proving to be VERY successful.
3/3/2009-Hematology/Oncology running another round of blood work. Due to the Meningitis and my immune system it is still a long road to recovery and the game plan is holding off on surgery. Once repeat testing is done end of April they will re-evaluate the left unknown mass, if it is still stable as show last month then we continue the watch and wait game however if it has grown then Hematology/Oncology feels it is time for my Surgeons to go ahead with scheduling surgery. It is estimated to be another 2-3 months to finally rid the Meningitis symptoms and a possible year for my body to make a full recovery. My Gastroparesis has been very angry lately with all the medications.
3/18/2009-Today marks 5 years that have changed every aspect of my life- Idiopathic Gastroparesis. I don't look at my 5 year Gastroparesis Anniversary as a bad thing, I truly feel blessed. If I look back over the years, Gastroparesis has completely changed me inside and out. It has made me a far better person for it too, that is something I can't deny. Gastroparesis could have taken my life many, many times but I refuse to let it control me and I will continue to find ways to work around those bad days. Indeed today I celebrate five years of a new life and many, many more years of a GREAT fight!
4/15/2009-5 years later and I have one heck of a team of specialists. They will continue managing each symptom as it arises. I couldn't ask for a better team of doctors. Time to continue the good fight and I am ready!  :)
5/18/2009-Wow! spring time already! enjoying the nice weather before the heat and humidity return for summer. I don't get out as much as last year due to limited energy but hoping for more good days ahead! Repeat catscans continue every 3 months for any changes to give my surgeons the green light but blessed so far things continue stable with the left mass. I continue to live by the day and not plan out since I don't know how I feel physically day to day.
6/8/2009-Long term, unknown medical conditions such as Gastroparesis that lack the research and awareness I have learned can completely flip your life upside down to great depths. I am in the process of questioning my next step medically with my surgeons. Our great government and Social Security system is back-logged another year and 6 months for county cases. This now leaves me waiting a total of 3 years for approval. Alot on my plate and just trying to sift through and figure out which to tackle first. Let's just say if you are going through far too much in your life I totally understand how you feel and my heart truly reaches out to each and every one of you.
7/7/2009-I had my upper scope last week, darn if I don't have a really bad case of gastritis from an infection as well Gastroparesis doesn't help the situation either so back on meds for the next 30 days. They took my coffee away and any caffeine, I feel like a walking zombie!
7/23/2009-My GI doctor called late last week on biospies that were taken during the upper scope procedure. Seems they can not do any further dilations at this point because the choking sensations that still continue are not from constriction but lack of smooth muscle contraction in the esophagus. What from? of course-my Gastroparesis. They would like for me to have the 'Esophageal Manometry Test' placing a tube down my throat into my stomach-while awake. Of course my question is will there really be anything you can do to correct the situation and their answer was-no. Now why would anyone just do a test like this if there is no cure nor medication to help things? I was strongly advised to avoid solid foods and stay on liquids. I am now already at 90 percent daily liquids. They are going to run a follow-up catscan next month and then I need to schedule surgery with my surgeons. I just am not mentally ready for a major surgery, I am not sure I will ever be at this point. I have honestly been putting it off for almost two years now.
8/28/2009-Did I not just post about putting off surgery for the past two years? The left mass is continuing to look more like the ovary taken out almost two years ago that has regrown and been functioning once again. There was a right bowel mass found on my scan however they are not sure what it could be and will only know upon surgery.  My surgical team will do surgery only as 'Emergency basis'. I have other reasons not to have surgery, not for awhile. Looking very much forward to my favorite season just around the corner: FALL!   :)
9/8/2009-Continuing stable. Feels great to beat the odds as a Survivor after the long 5 year battle but will continue to fight! Sure is time for some positive changes ahead! Looking forward to additional Gastroparesis projects for the winter so stayed tuned, we have only just begun!
10/17/2009-Today officially celebrates 4 years for the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign organization and what an amazing journey it has been! I have learned so much about myself and become truly inspired by others who suffer from Gastroparesis as well other chronic medical conditions. No one is invincible in this lifetime. We all need to support one another, lend a hand, show kindness, compassion and love. Thank you everyone for allowing my heart to continue to grow and remember you too are never alone. KEEP ON! KEEPING ON!  :)
10/30/2009-Over the past five years I have truly grown to be a very spiritual person. I have taken alot of time to re-evaluate my health and have come to the decision that I will hold off on surgery. My surgical team feels if I under go another surgery there is a very strong chance this time I won't make it out as well there are alot of high risks that could lead to becoming paralyzed or worse losing vital organs. They are not comfortable proceeding ahead which was fully discussed with me on a few occasions over the past month. That being said I am finally at peace and ok with the decision to back away from surgery. No one can put a time on your life, its only up to one person. I have a great fight ahead but I am more than ready  :)
11/14/2009-I am very blessed to have recently celebrated my birthday. Living with a terminal condition puts life quickly into perspective. Family and friends means so much more and the small things bring more happiness than the elaborate things we all take so much for granted. Time has allowed me to form a closer bond to my family, friends and Sister. I decided to create a 'Living Wish List' for next year so going to do my best to start living my wishes out because life is meant to live! Thank you everyone for all your wonderful birthday and get well wishes. I am indeed touched! :)
12/17/2009-Where did the year go? I can't believe it is almost Christmas and time for the festivities around 'food'. *SIGH* Its amazing how much we celebrate with food and how hard it is having a medical condition that limits what you can eat or drink. I call this my 'moody time of year'-hahhahaha! CHEERS!
1/1/2010-HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! May your year be filled with many blessings & GP Free days :)
1/26/2010-I feel the winds of change right over the horizon. Doing some testing on new gym equipment and working with a few other companies behind the scenes in hopes of providing more alternative options for Gastroparesis Idiopathic patients. Will keep everyone updated on the results, etc.
2/2/2010-Do you ever wonder what in the world gets into people? I find the hardest emails, letters and phone calls to take are from those who lost not just their health and freedom but the support of family, friends and loved ones. You have to really sit back and question the truth in those who seek to harm and hurt others.  I have seen the best in people through the years but as well on the flip side; the ABSOLUTE WORST. I do believe in Karma and when you do good unto others good will come back to you in abundance.
2/14/2010-HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! May all your chocolate dreams come true!    :)
2/23/2010-I will be blogging on my experience before and after surgery starting February 21st, 2010.
3/17/2010-May everyone have a lucky & blessed GP free St. Paddy's Day! :)
3/18/2010-Today marks the 6th year of the great GP fight! Here's to so many who have been such a amazing inspiration. KEEP ON! KEEPING ON! 
4/3/2010-Wishing everyone a blessed Easter  :)
4/14/2010-At 10:10AM the hands of fate closed the door of a 2 year Social Security disability battle that ended in a win for all of us. Truly a blessed day and God is good. I now stand before my new journey. Life has indeed handed me a new deck of cards and everything I have known the past 6 years will be forever gone as a new door opens and a medical plan of changes must take place in order to survive.
5/6/2010-Nothing quite like getting hit with one virus/cold after another. I have been sick so far most of this year.  I can now understand why my surgeons ran out of surgical options due to my very low immune system. I am starting to become fearful of going out in the public because I can't afford to keep getting sick.
5/15/2010-7 years sure caught up quickly this week and since life has finally slowed down the hardest part of tracing back all the years and coming to terms with everything sure isn't easy but taking it one day at a time.
6/9/2010-Learning once again that me and the heat don't mix.
7/4/2010-Sometimes in life you have to go past your comfort zone. If not, you can't live to enjoy it. This year I got to finally enjoy the 4th of July!8/1/2010-Maybe a HOT SAUCE convention wasn't the smartest decision in the world. I guess even the best of us go into 'Gastroparesis Denial' time to time.
8/2/2010-Mid afternoon and as I check my email and log into the support group I notice a repeated email and post. My heart just sank as I read the news of my dear Angel friend Impy and she has passed onto a better place, Heaven. It breaks my heart and the news is shocking. Impy was a second Mom to me and always there to guide me through life's journey. Impy, I know you will always be watching over me, you are truly my Guardian Angel. Until we meet again, I love you my dear friend.
9/6/2010-These darn seizures are still sneaking up on me. Just when I thought they went away for good I am hit when least expected. Hoping the change in season less heat and sunlight means less head issues.
10/2/2010-Finally the fall season is here! Praying for better GP days!
11/1/2010-Time to head back to my doctors and surgeon this month. Not sure if they will go back in surgically to dissect my organs off of each other so expecting the worst but hoping for the best.
11/10/2010-I MADE IT! Another year I am blessed with life, here's to the good fight! 39 years! :)
12/10/2010-Trying to get into the holiday spirit. I still have lots of shopping left to do. Now if I can just get my body to follow my brain! Gotta push the Scrooge aside because even living with a chronic condition there is a lot to be blessed for this holiday season, amen.
1/1/2011-A lucky day and blessed with a New Year! Here's to a year full of positive changes! CHEERS!
2/8/2011-I sure hope this isn't a sign of another bad late winter and early spring being sick. Seems the winter viruses are now making their way around and I have become an unfortunate victim. Needless to say this house-jail is getting old very quick! Not to worry because once I am better its time to get back to enjoying life before the summer heat is upon us.
3/18/2011-Today marks my 8 year GP anniversary. I consider this a very lucky day because I am still alive. I am a GP survivor! So much still continues to change in my life but that which doesn't kill me can only make me stronger, AMEN! CHEERS TO VICTORY OF THE GREAT GP FIGHT! :0)
4/15/2011-Back to the GP race. Finding alternate ways to help my destroyed immune system. I was placed on round 5 of antibiotics and my lymph nodes are still swollen. It just never ends sometimes but I refuse to let it take me down. Time to buckle up for the long road ahead....
5/1/2011-I am never one to have to step back to concentrate on my life but I am now finding myself in a situation where I have to take care of me and my health first. Hopefully I can be back in a good position soon to reach out and help others but I first need to help myself. I can't be any good to anyone if I can't get a grip on things in my own life first.
6/1/2011-After many months I finally went back to see my main GI specialist. I wasn't expecting a very good visit seeing things are progressing with my Idiopathic Gastroparesis and my immune system is now suffering. He continues to be very concerned for my health and wants me to still go to the Iowa Dysmotility Clinic. Honestly I am just tired of tests and no answers.
7/6/2011-Here we go again as my Idiopathic Gastroparesis starts to rapidly progress. My low blood pressure problems are no longer a mystery as I was told more mind blowing news today at my Cardiologist appointment. My condition will not get any better but only worse. I have a list of tests and specialist appointments this month in hopes they can help my heart. 
 8/1/2011-Once again I am released from my specialists care after hearing the famous line, "There is nothing more we can do for you."  If I had a dollar for every time I was told that over the past eight years I might just had a corvette by now, hahahaha! Doing my best now to survive mentally as my brain catches up with my body.
9/4/2011-Trying to find balance and happiness again. Accepting fate as my Idiopathic Gastroparesis continues to quickly progress.
10/3/2011-Change, change and more change. All positive though because after coming close to a decade living with Idiopathic Gastroparesis it's time to find this gal some much earned happiness! :0)
11/9/2011-A fresh new start and new decade in my life begins this month. Its hard to believe its almost been nine years since my initial Idiopathic Gastroparesis diagnosis. Although sadly I am experiencing more problems with my intestines I am still determined as ever to defy the odds against me. CHEERS!
12/9/2011-Enjoying the festive season a bit differently this year by creating positive memories. Crossing my fingers for a hospital-free December!
1/1/2012-A New Year means its time for this gal to turn over a new leaf. AMEN!
2/2/2012-Going to try a few small road trips this month. Life is far too short. Although one might suffer from a terminal or chronic condition you also must time to time test your strength mentally and physically.
3/8/2012-My Idiopathic Gastroparesis continues to wreak havoc on my internal organs. If it isn't one thing its another but only as expecting in the life of a Gastroparesis patient. Sad when you start to become a pro at bad news but only the strong survive! Amen! This month March 18th marks my 8 year GP anniversary fighting the good fight as I continue to defy the odds. CHEERS! :0)
4/5/2012-This is going to be a Drano-Easter and a low key holiday weekend for this gal! I am already beat with all the changes ahead of me as well numerous appointments with my specialists. Hopefully this will be a quick month and I am already looking forward to May!
5/5/2012-So far the month of May looks like I will be turning over some new leafs. I can't wait to see what the rest of the month holds for me. If life is about change then soon enough mine will be taking a long awaited turn. Amen.
6/7/2012-Waiting to see my new surgical team this month. Hoping to continue the step by step process towards surgery. Out with the old in with the new as my life continues on the upswing. CHEERS!
7/21/2012-Gastroparesis life guarantees one thing for certain, "Expect the unexpected."  One visit with one foot in the door for surgery and in one split second POOF! it's gone. My GP has far progressed which means no turning back and no surgery.   :(
8/4/2012-Feeling extremely drained physically and mentally. Trying to keep my head on straight and my internal organs safe from getting into any further trouble.
9/4/2012-Its no wonder I have been so tired and fatigued after finding out from my specialist all the blood infections, rashes and other immune problems are due to the progression of my GP. Praying for no tumors following a scan scheduled for next month.
10/5/2012-Note to self: This too shall pass... Back down once again for the count fighting another infection and virus.
11/3/2012-Finally the fall and winter are upon us! Time for comfy weather again so maybe my poor body can catch a break. :)
12/4/2012-Praying for some seizure & GP-FREE days for the upcoming holiday season. Its been a crazy year but I am forever thankful to continue the great fight for life. Amen.
1/4/2013-HERE'S TO A NEW YEAR AND A NEW ME 2013!!  ;0)
2/4/2013-Praying for continued positive changes and any little success I can get with new liquids for my GP diet.
3/4/2013-Cochlear implants are a NO-GO however going to try a first with injections that could possibly repair damaged nerve cells. Will know more by the end of the month.
4/3/2013-Does it ever end? Heck NO!~Back to the game of specialists this month and with it comes two procedures all due to the big "C" scare. GEES! We are just crossing our fingers that I can still start the new experimental injections by the end of the month. AMEN.
5/3/2013-What a WICKED procedure for cancer and just think I get to do it allllll over again every 3 months now. What a way to start spring! Going to press forward with experimental injections hopefully by next month. I can use all the help I can get for the long battle ahead!
6/3/2013-Waiting for the approval for either experimental injections or implant to help me feel overall better, more energy but most importantly LESS PAIN!
7/4/2013-INOPERABLE. No injections, no implant, no miracle cures, just allowing time for peace to settle within. Praying for some GP-FREE days...
8/4/2013-Playing the surgery game. One day its "ON" then the next day its "OFF." Very frustrating and mentally exhausting!..
9/8/2013-OH Mr. Tumor, let me count the ways... What I really need to do is try counting some sleep this month. Of course after the next cancer procedure...
10/3/2013-I officially WON the surgery game! WOOWHOA!! Feeling blessed to have my wishes granted by my lead surgeon. Strict dietary changes along with structured work out programs up until day of surgery. 'Strong' is where I need to be for a smooth surgery and successful road to recovery! :)
11/3/2013-And..another surgery, the last one has been officially called off. I don't regret fighting for my last request for surgery. I have come to realize that sometimes things in life are just not meant to be. I will continue doing what I need to do in order to survive and to live the best life one can with Gastroparesis and other progressive nerve damage. This month marks my birthday and I indeed have a lot to be thankful for! Amen.
12/6/2013-Continuing to do the best one can with the hand of cards that were dealt to them. Blessed to have met some amazing new friends who accept "me" for ME.
1/11/2014-I call this the triple digit 'Angel Wings' day! 1/11 HAPPY NEW YEAR & A BETTER ME! :)
2/4/2014-Hit another bump in the GP road and there I go, back down for the count. I better enjoy every last minute of any good days in my near future that this gal can get! Amen.
3/3/2014-Back on the twice weekly treatments of Drano aka Hell-In-A-Jug and Relistor injections. Its been tough as HELL getting used to all these changes but where there is a will, by golly there is a way.
4/6/2014-Now doing two weekly treatments on top of an experimental treatment in hopes of getting my body back in remission. Its been extremely hard and tiring, twelve hours+ sleeping a day just isn't like me. Time will tell how long this will last before needing to cut back for some sort of normalcy. 
 5/2/2014-Note to self: KEEP ON! KEEPING ON!!
6/3/2014-Changes are inevitable. Lost fifth appeal for treatment medication but still determined as ever to keep on fighting for better days. Finally see new Endocrinologist next month in hopes of better control of symptoms and flair ups.
7/6/2014-FINALLY see my new Endocrinologist this month. Mr. Tumor has continued to cause me numerous problems, especially during weekly treatments. Doing my best to continue on with life while dealing with the ongoing pain.
8/3/2014-Delay on new Endocrinology appointment due to another large tumor found during an emergency room visit. I don't know anymore which is worse, dealing with severe Gastroparesis or the never ending game of tumor and tumor complications. AMEN.
9/3/2014-Sleep, sleep and more sleep...THAT is the new name of the game!
10/3/2014-Last surgeon consult appointment turned into being referred to the Mayo Clinic/Hospital in Minnesota. Things continue to progress for the worse as I am finally in fear for my life. Now to find the money tree first before being able to seek a 'possible' surgical option at the Mayo.
11/6/2014-Who needs the Mayo Clinic/Hospitals when they also can't offer any further surgical options? Only a 'few possible' treatments that could 'possibly' help with the progression of future things to come. I decided that it's just not worth wasting more money when there isn't a cure. Instead why not start traveling and knocking a few things off my Bucket List?!
12/3/2014-Here come the holidays and here comes my continued lack of energy... Can we say tired of being tired?..
1/7/2015-CHEERS! to a new year~2015 & finishing off my 'Bucket List!'
2/18/2015-HAPPY VALENTINE'S chocolate month & 30 days on a 24 hour heart monitor. #NotSurprised
3/11/2015-Luck be a Lady in MARCH! Need all the luck I get with quite a busy month ahead for our family. That includes finding a new home ASAP! Lady Luck please don't fail us now!
4/4/2015-It is already appearing to be a very expensive year with medical bills. One hospital procedure down and two more to go within just the next month. Still on limbo with our potential new home and so far it doesn't look very promising. S-I-G-H...
5/3/2015-Stent procedure got called off permanently due to once again suffering from intestinal blockages. Last hope for any type of procedure intervention will be in late June. #HOPE
6/4/2015-Rescan set for later this month along with finding out if my surgeon's colleague is willing to at least biopsy my largest tumor which has been giving me nothing but one complication hell after another...
7/4/2015-HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Talking about celebrating independence! For me...medical independence from the repeat scans and other tests. Yep, unfortunately the medical game of finding answers that were never there, more like, a cure that was never there, I was released with no hope. Complications which are expected to continue will only be treated via outpatient until stabilized to go back home. Sometimes... It is, what it is.
8/4/2015-This is 'Bucket List' month! After a long decade absence from the beach, I am determined to finally live my long over due dream of placing my feet back on the sand. CAN'T WAIT!  :)
9/2/2015-Beyond blessed to have been given the chance to be one with the ocean. After a decade long wait, I finally was able to place my feet in the sand last month. Sadly, we arrived back in town only to become very ill 24 hours later and was diagnosed with recurrent Autoimmune Meningitis. Life is sure filled uncertainty, but determined as ever to beat this latest battle! AMEN.


Spreading GP Awareness One Person At A Time
You My Friend Will Never Again Walk Alone
 2006 D.S

'United GP Walk-Texas Location'
Spreading the word on Gastroparesis Awareness!

19 years ago my life was forever changed by a rare gastrointestinal dysmotility disorder called, 'Idiopathic Gastroparesis.' Over the years I have found the inner strength that I have within myself and the strong will to continue living life. I strive to inspire and reach out to others while staying vigilant during my own personal journey. I have met some truly amazing people who have shown me the true meaning of life and the rewards of helping those in need. I will continue doing all I can by giving 110 percent to help patients who suffer on a daily basis from the long term effects of Gastroparesis.
The goal is to not let Gastroparesis control your life, but to find ways in order to make life easier living with Gastroparesis. I believe with hope and faith, miracles are possible.
Kimberly/Founder, Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign

Gastroparesis Meet & Greet
Las Vegas-June 2008

Kimberly & Chicken George-Big Brother Alumni
Showing Gastroparesis Awareness Support

Indiana-St. Vincent's Hospital-2007
GP Patient Visit-Gastric Pacemaker Procedure

Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign
Amanda & Family-United GP Walk Official Shirt

Southern Ohio Disability Convention-Showing Support!

Kimberly & Howie-Big Brother Show-Alumni
Spreading GP Awareness-Tennessee-2007

Don Calfa-'Weekend at Bernies' & Kimberly
Joining the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign Organization



10/1/2015-Still on the mend recovering from recurrent Autoimmune Meningitis, but I am still determined to make another full recovery! A long month is ahead for this gal when it comes to further and necessary medical testing. Nothing says, "Take it EASY, R-E-L-A-X first before the medical games start back up again like a last trip relaxcation to see the beautiful ocean and wildlife.
11/3/2015-Sadly due to still being on the mend from Autoimmune Meningitis we were unable to make it to our last relaxcation for the year. Shockingly, we just found out today that my internal organs are now suffering from the effects of my largest and first initial tumor that was discovered 18 months ago. We went from a year prognosis, to now 3 months. I can't begin to explain how many emotions I am going through right now, along with Eric who has been my #1 supporter and shoulder to lean on. Feeling absolutely l-o-s-t.
12/5/2015-Not a good way to start off the holiday season with almost a weeks worth of nausea, pain and vomiting. I was hoping to actually enjoy this year and all the holiday festivities in the city, but looks like I will be taking the ole GP and my tumors along for the ride. Crossing my fingers for some relief and QUICK so we can enjoy some festive fun!  :)
1/4/2016-HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! I ended my year 2015 with the most important decision of my life after being asked for a 3rd time to reschedule a final surgeon meeting on 'if' the high risk/trauma surgeon and his team would honor a final surgical intervention. After being asked a third time last week to once again reschedule, I made an important and yet best decision of my life to finally free myself of the surgical rat race that got me nowhere for over the past 12 months. So...yes...the tumor still continues to grow, but now I can finally focus precious time on living life, not continuing to put my life into the unknown. If I beat my 1 year initial prognosis date come next month, February, then everything I am blessed with from God here on out is GOLDEN in my eyes! Amen.
2/5/2016-My 140 mile physical challenge for Cancer Awareness begins and I am determined to pull through my bad days while embracing my good days in honor of all patients who fight the GREAT fight! I have been given 3 additional surgeon's to consult with this month, however I am not sure if I will open another surgical rat race door. I am at peace with what is and what will be, so at this point I would have to say, 'No.' Life goes on and I am hopeful for being blessed with many more days ahead as I come up on my 1 year prognosis date this month. Amen.
3/5/2016-So... I might not had been able to pull off the 140 miles for Cancer Awareness last month due to continued complications with my largest mass, but at least I was able to rack up close to 90 miles. I plan on making up for lost time through out this month and finally achieve my personal best. It might not be such an easy task when medical odds continue to stack against me, but it's the effort and determination in the end that truly counts! AMEN. I have yet to have any success with any sort of surgical intervention and will officially top out at 13 surgeon consultations as of the end of this month. Never say this gal didn't give it her all... I gave it everything I had and then some. Double AMEN!
4/14/2016-It might had taken 13 surgeons and 15 months later, but I FINALLY have the answers I have been longing for in regards to dealing with these gosh awful tumors, constant lower pain, aggravated nausea and endless hospital emergency room visits. I now have a team of highly trained and very reputable Oncologists, Radiology Oncologists and a few new surgeons. More to come early next month as I start my first round of radiation treatments and new experimental Oncology treatment medications. #FeelingHOPEFULLYBeyondLUCKY
5/2/2016-This month marks the start of many changes and a battle that I have waited for over the past 15 months. I officially start my first round of radiation and Oncology treatments in a few days. With a most recent scare of another partial bowel obstruction due to the largest tumor continuing to cause serious complications, I can only hope and pray that my amazing team of Oncologists and Radiology Oncologist's can deliver me a miracle. #ReadyForTheBATTLE
6/6/2016-Radiation/Oncology treatments were brutal and sadly after my final rescan we quickly came to realize that the experimental treatments failed to even budge the largest tumor along with a miraculous organ that regrew from a single microcell and started dangerously re-functioning. I am still paying royally for the Oncology treatments and the radiation treatments still have me experiencing some quite odd and painful side effects. Back to my new surgeons #13 in a few weeks.
7/6/2016-Unfortunately, I had to let my lead Oncologist go and make an appointment with a new lead Oncologist for later this month after far too many bad bedside manners. This last appointment was our final straw and even Eric found himself having enough with the sly comments aimed towards us, my other Oncologist and new surgeons. Enough was far enough and once again, a final surgical intervention is back up in the air until I see my new Oncologist...
8/3/2016-Here I am, the surgical rollercoaster finally made an abrupt stop and there will be no further surgical interventions. My new lead Oncologist made it very clear that any surgical intervention would be fatal. As for now, I am officially released from the behind closed Oncology society doors. I will be rescanned every 3 months along with labs, blood work. I am honestly just trying to get used to life doing another sudden change. Trying to figure out what life holds for me knowing that radiation and other treatments failed is a hard reality to swallow, but I am one tough gal! Where there is a will to live, BY GOLLY! there will be a way!
9/2/2016-I am officially 3 months post radiation and other experimental treatments. My next round of rescans will happen this month along with just today, finding out more discouraging words from one single oncologist who clearly doesn't believe in miracles nor the word 'HOPE.' I am not sure what to expect, but I have no high expectations on what is next to come. All I know is that God will lead me the way. *:)
10/3/2016-I can't believe it! 2 years in the making and we FINALLY landed ourselves a new home in a new state, in a new city! YIPPIE! With only a mere window of medical opportunity. Time to quickly scramble so we can continue to fulfill our dreams~  :)
11/5/2016-We are officially new residences in the great state of Indiana :) I have already made my first pit stop to the emergency room within the first 3 days. When you push your body beyond the limits. It WILL push BACK!
12/2/2016-Making lemonade out of a whole LOTTA lemons this month! Our new home has given us quite a few unexpected surprises. 11 months and counting for this great lemonade house-flip in between treatments and tumor rescans. HAPPY HOLIDAYS... HA!
1/3/2017-A New Year 2017! Time for changes. Positive changes! Time to let it go... Of what I can no longer control with my health. Cancer treatments failed. My last and final Oncology appointment was last month, as told now to just, let things be... What no longer can be controlled as well did not respond to treatments. A New Year with letting what can no longer be controlled finally set free. Time to put things in God's hands. Time to refocus my energy on far more happier things in life.
2/4/2017-Ahhhh... February.... One of my favorite months of the year! Time to enjoy the last month of beautiful winter weather with a humongous box of Valentine's candy! :)
3/4/2017-Time sure does fly by! Same holds true for this new year as I get ready next week for my rescan and labs. I don't expect a tumor miracle, but I am hoping for continued slow growth with my tumors. Fingers and toes crossed for some Luck of the Irish this month! :)
4/3/2017-Decades later... Talking about a JOURNEY, best seats in the house, front-center, lucky seat 11! What a great concert! I am so proud of myself, but most importantly, not giving up on living life no matter what obstacles I might be facing. Don't stop BELIEVIN!
5/3/2017-Can you believe it? I have made it a full year, post-radiation therapy and other experimental oncology treatments. Reason to celebrate... Most certainly! I have learned so much in a year, not just medically, but as well about myself. The unfaltering strength within. The most important lesson learned? Life is far too short to sweat the big and small stuff. No matter what life may throw your way. Find a reason to laugh and smile! Each and every day~
6/2/2017-In memory of our beloved Littleblue after a brave battle with cancer. Life seems so unfair with losing another one of our fur children. God welcomes home another fur angel. A piece of our heart goes with her. Littleblue had just recently celebrated her 10th birthday last week. We are completely heartbroken and devastated.
7/3/2017-Welcoming a special little one into our family next month. Sure wish our beloved Littleblue was here to share in the love. But we have signs all around us that she is still here with our little family in spirit. #Live-Love-Life
8/6/2017-If you need to find me this month. On my good days, I will be working on helping Eric continue flipping our house. A constant lesson of learning in process! The most important lesson so far that we both have learned? Nothing nor no one in life is...perfect.
9/3/2017-The big house flip project continues this month. Inside and soon to be outside! It truly has been life changing for both myself and Eric. It has also been a huge blessing in disguise helping to keep my mind occupied on far more happier, productive days  :)
10-2-2017-What another major accomplishment as we celebrate our 8th annual huge Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign event! The 8th annual, United GP Walk. Walk-Run-Ride, a month-long event for the entire month of October! Talking about...PROUD,  HONORED & BLESSED!  :)
11/3/2017-Another year, another reason to celebrate turning a year younger. Yes! Most definitely a year younger since I feel nothing even close to my actual age. Internally...that's a far different story...HA!
12/3/2017-Can you believe we are in the last month of 2017?! December... Christmas~YAYYY! So much has happened this year. Yet one thing is for certain. It has been one HELL of a learning experience! CHEERS to a most fabulous Christmas & a most BEAUTIFUL new year!  :)
1/3/2018-Tis a New Year, 2018! Tis a new year to take time out for #1... YOU! I have a lot of goals for myself this year. A year of many silver linings! A chance to do everything in my power to embrace nothing but sheer... HAPPINESS!  :)
2/4/2018-Back to finishing up the last of our great repairing, repainting and remodeling projects in order to have our home ready to place for sale by early this spring! West bound... here we come NEVADA! YAYYYY!!
3/3/2018-Luck be a Lady and that Lady be ME! I just completed my third surgery in less than two months of this new year. Glad to have found surgeons that really do listen to the patients wishes. It's been brutal... but having more pieces to the medical puzzle has made it worth the pain! Upward & Onward!
4/4/2018- I can't believe that spring is here and summer is just right around the corner! We are doing our very best to stay on schedule with our final BIG MOVE out west to Nevada. Early summer would be most ideal for our little family... but another hurdle with my health is doing it's best to get in the way. There is no need to get upset any further on what we can no longer control as we do our best to still prepare for the big move.
5/19/2018-Who hasn't visited the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website?>
6/10/2018-Celebrating so much this month! The gift of life and the gift of love while celebrating our anniversary! Yes... I am one very LUCKY in LOVE gal~
7/12/2018-Taking a chance at going back to work... from home. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Only time will tell but at least I can say that I tried. Amen.
8/5/2018-It's that time again... BACK TO SCHOOL! Hehehehehe! My stepson will be in the 6th grade already... geez time sure does fly by doesn't it!
9/5/2018-PUMPKIN PUMPKIN PUMPKIN! September means the soon-to-be my most FAVORITE time of the year!
10/6/2018-Join us for the 9th annual "UNITED GP WALK" WALK-RUN-RIDE one person at a time for GASTROPARESIS AWARENESS~
11/11/2018-What a most BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT BIRTHDAY sharing it with my little family...Let's not forget the early morning SNOW! Beyond...BLESSED.
12/2/2018-I am SO READY for a very special MERRY CHRISTMAS!
1/3/2019-**CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR 2019 & A NEW HAPPIER YOU!!**
2/7/2019-Who says you still can't celebrate Valentine's Day with Gastroparesis? Ummmm...DUH...No One  ;)
3/5/2019-May the Luck Of The Irish bring nothing but GP-Free days for everyone through out the entire month of March!
4/4/2019-Can you believe it is already SPRING?!? Time for light, airy clothing, plenty of sunlight and of course CHOCOLATE Easter GOODIES!!  :)
5/5/2019-May you have many GP-FREE days during the entire month of May :) Project time outdoors and lots of gardening for our little family!
6/3/2019-Tis the month of wedded bliss! I can't wait to celebrate our wedding anniversary this month!! A much needed getaway... R&R~
7/2/2019-Let the heat begin which I have a hunch can't end soon enough! Illness, heat with humidity surely never does mix does it?..
8/3/2019-Can you believe that the 9th annual United GP Walk is officially less than 2 months away?!? Time sure does fly by in a wink of an eye!
9/3/2019-We are OFFICIALLY one month away from the start of the 9th annual, "UNITED GP WALK-WALK, RUN, RIDE." I'm super EXCITED aren't you?!
10/6/2019-Here's wishing everyone picture perfect weather for the 9th annual UNITED GP WALK through out this entire month of October!!  :)
11/19/2019-Here's wishing everyone a very happy GP-FREE Thanksgiving *:)
12/4/2019-Can you believe it? CHRISTMAS IS HERE!! Merry Christmas & a very GP-FREE, HAPPY New Year 2020!
1/5/2020-New Year...New YOU! Cheers to making this your BEST GP-FREE year yet!! Get out there and turn your dreams into REALITY!
2/14/2020-ENJOYING THE SWEETEST TIME OF THE YEAR...I love the month of Valentine's Day, don't you! XOXOXO~
3/3/2020-I can't believe that it's been 16 years since my initial Gastroparesis diagnosis! Less than 1.5% gastric emptying left in my stomach which ended up causing further problems with an extremely delayed GI tract, intestines. The knowledge that I can give to others is to always stick with trial & error when it comes to what works best for you! We only come around once in this body...NEVER give up because Life truly is WORTH fighting for!!  *:) 
4/1/2020-I sure wish it was a big April Fool's Day joke, but it isn't. Praying for all around the world and your safety during this sad time in everyone's life.
5/3/2020-Celebrate Mother's Day with ALL of your SPECIAL loved ones!
6/25/2020-Summer is in the air & so is the time to get outdoors and catch some rays! Release all that extra baggage off your shoulders and just be...F-R-E-E  :)
7/11/2020-Ready for celebrating some INDEPENDENCE which means having a good day with family and friends XOXOXO
8/15/2020-Can you believe that we are going into a virtual COVID-19 year within the school districts all around the world? What a crazy end to such a life changing pandemic.
9/5/2020-Do you have your masks, gloves, sanitizer or just staying home to brave the never ending pandemic all around the world. thought that GP was bad. Such a sad time, indeed.
10/15/2020-It's definitely going to be a one-of-a-kind of Halloween this year with COVID-19. To give out candy...or not to give out candy seems to be the far bigger question!
11/11/2020-Another birthday means another year to be blessed to celebrate the gift of LIFE...Amen  :)
12/24/2020-It may be a unique Christmas this year, but never than less make sure to make it the HAPPIEST yet! We are all blessed to be given the gift of life. Many blessings to everyone...GP-FREE~
1/11/2021-A New Year, a New President, however when does this pandemic ever, ever end? Home bound again, sick as ever but staying busy which is always good for the mind, body and soul.
2/5/2021-Here's wishing everyone a super SWEET & GP-FREE Valentine's Day! Make sure to spend some time spoiling #1~YOU!
3/1/2021-May the LUCK O' THE IRISH be with you all month...many GP-FREE O' BLESSINS!
4/1/2021-Can you believe Easter is here and a month of the most beautiful spring blooms, all for you to get out and enjoy during your GP-FREE days  :)
5/3/2021-Happy GP-FREE Mother's Day to all the human & fur baby moms around the world!
6/7/2021-Half way point in this crazy post-Covid 19 year! If the changes aren't enough for oneself... I can only imagine what the rest of this new way of life brings.
7/1/2021-How appropriate for a post-pandemic year to be celebrating the freedom, gift and beauty of independence...LIFE.
8/7/2021-It will soon be time to turn over a new leaf, as fall quickly approaches upon us. That can only mean one thing...UNITED GP WALK 2021!
9/2/2021-Totally welcoming the changes of the season... LOVE F-A-L-L & UNITED GP WALK TIME!  :)
11/3/2021-Thank you everyone for another successful year, UNITED GP WALK 2021! Now... Onto celebrating a milestone birthday this month, the BIG 5-0!!!!!
12/1/2021-Here's wishing everyone a very Merriest of Christmas!
1/6/2022-Another year... another reason to get out there on your GP free days and live life to it's fullest! Dream a little dream & make it a reality  :)
2/3/2022-Another 6 weeks, says all the groundhogs? I say, "BRING IT!" Enjoy the simplicity... beauty of the winter season  *:)
3/5/2022-May the Luck of the Irish bring you many days of happiness, peace, love & light!
4/1/2022-This spring wishing everyone prayers of Peace-Love-Light *:)
5/1/2022-Happy Mother's & Fur Momma's Day to all!
6/1/2022-Happy Fur Daddy's & Father's Day to all!
7/1/2022-Even GP'ers could sure use a bit of GP-FREE INDEPENDENCE during this festival month of celebration around the great USA***
8/1/2022-One more month until the next United GP Walk! Walk-Run-Ride for Gastroparesis Awareness  ;)
9/1/2022-United GP Walk, Walk-Run-Ride for Gastroparesis Awareness *Information now available-T-Shirts, Yard Signs, Car Magnets, Banners & other gear now available to order**
10/1/2022- THE 11TH ANNUAL...
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